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Collaboration for research and education networking now simply 'GÉANT'


The new GÉANT logo went public today, 1 May 2015, to coincide with the start of the new GÉANT Project (now GN4 Phase 1). From now on, the organisation that was formed last October from the restructuring of TERENA and DANTE is no longer known as ‘GÉANT Association’, but simply as ‘GÉANT‘. And from now on, ‘GÉANT’ no longer means a single project or organisation, but stands for the entire community collaboration.

This marks the next step in re-branding and associated changes that began on 20 April with new email addresses for GÉANT staff. Changes to the organisation’s online presences, and news and social media channels are being made in a phased process that will take several months to fully complete.

The small, interim GÉANT website (www.geant.org) that had been launched in October has been rebranded, slightly expanded and updated. It includes information about the GÉANT Project as well as the other activities and services that the organisation offers. In June it will be replaced with a more permanent navigation structure and further look and feel developments.

“This change is intended to simplify understanding of the organisation, its core activities and the community collaboration that drives it all, under a single name and a new logo, “ explains Interim CEO Bob Day. “GÉANT brings the activities, services, benefits and values of TERENA, DANTE and the GÉANT Project under one banner. This means our community is better positioned to achieve its collective strategic priorities in innovation, service provision, and stronger European and global relationships.”

Strategic changes

In October 2014, the European R&E networking community agreed to re-organise the two entities that represented and supported its collective work to provide network infrastructure and services for R&E; TERENA and DANTE joined forces under a unified governance structure.

This followed agreement in October 2012 that the community needed a strategy in order to achieve its part in the European Commission’s vision for the future of research and innovation, ‘Horizon2020’. This agreement followed the presentation of a report by the Reykjavik Group, which had been formed in May 2012 to prepare a response to recommendations published in 2011 in the report 'Knowledge without Borders' - which was produced by the GÉANT Expert Group set up by the European Commission.


Within the European Union’s Horizon2020 research and innovation programme, GÉANT is coordinating the GÉANT Project and AARC (Authentication and Authorisation for Research and Collaboration), and participating in TANDEM (Trans-African Network Development).

Further information

The GÉANT managers and staff aim to keep all services, websites and mailing lists running smoothly while further web and branding changes are implemented, but ask for patience and help with reporting any issues that may occur. In case of any queries, please contact info@geant.org.