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Selected students present their ideas at TNC2014


Post-graduate students met leading figures from TERENA, Cisco and the Internet Society at the 2014 TERENA Networking Conference (TNC2014) on Tuesday 20 May. Cisco and Internet Society provided sponsorship for student participation. This allowed selected students from all fields related to research networking to attend the conference free of charge, giving them access to experts from across Europe who gathered at TNC2014 in Dublin, Ireland.

TERENA’s Vice-President for Conferences, Helmut Sverenyák, warmly welcomed the students and encouraged them to meet as many people as possible at the conference, not only to expand their network of contacts, but more importantly, to share and promote their ideas. Sverenyák said: "We need fresh ideas to feed into the community, so we really like to have students participating in TNC. The students did some really good lightning talks on Monday to explain their poster topics, and I hope they will get the most out of meeting other people here during the conference."

The students came from the universities of Twente (Netherlands), University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt (Germany), Lancaster University (United Kingdom) and the University of Barcelona (Spain). Topics included: "OpenCache: Experimentation on a Grand Scale"; "SSHCure: SSH Intrusion Detection using NetFlow and IPFIX" and ReFlow – "Statistics on Internet Traffic".

On-site voting

All on-site TNC participants were able to vote for the best submitted student poster. All TNC2014 posters can be viewed online.

Klaas Wierenga, Cisco’s representative in TERENA, explains why the company is supporting this opportunity for the sixth consecutive year: "It was great to see all this young talent present their ideas in the conference with lightning talks and posters. Cisco finds the continued development of the Internet very important and is therefore happy to contribute to that cause with the Internet Society by bringing together the future leaders of the Internet. The TERENA conference, being the foremost research and education networking conference in the world, is an excellent venue for that."

Karen O'Donoghue of the Internet Society also welcomed the students to TNC, stating: "We're especially pleased to see the increased involvement of the students through both presentations and posters. The Internet Society looks for opportunities to support the development of the next generation of Internet leaders and innovators. We think TNC is an excellent venue to give students the chance to showcase their own innovative ideas, while meeting the movers and shakers of today's Internet."

Further information

A full list of all posters presented at the conference, including those of the students and other TNC2014 participants is available on the TNC2014 posters page.