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Video interviews with keynote speakers from this year's TERENA Networking Conference (TNC2014) are now online. Barend Mons (Netherlands Bioinformatics Centre), who presented the opening keynote speech, explains calls for data stewardship to be built into all future projects. Jelmer Evers (UniC, NL), Tracy Futhey (Duke University, USA) and Lord David Puttnam (UK) call on the research and education networking commuity to engage with the challenges and requirements related to technology in education and learning, while Stephen Farrell (Trinity College Dublin, IE) issues a call to arms against pervasive monitoring, and Martyn Dade-Robertson (Newcastle University, UK) discusses the relationship between data, art and architecture.

The interviews with Barend Mons, Jelmer Evers, Tracy Futhey, Lord David Puttnam, Stephen Farrell and Martyn Dade-Robertson are on TERENATube, where archived conference session streams are also available.

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