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TNC2014 begins, with silence, an announcement and a call for data stewardship


The 2014 TERENA Networking Conference (TNC2014) began on Monday 19 May, with live streaming of the opening plenary session. This included a welcoming speech by TERENA’s Acting Secretary General, Valentino Cavalli, in which he asked for a one-minute silence in memory of the late Secretary General Karel Vietsch, and announced Karel’s legacy - the Vietsch Foundation - which will aim to stimulate research and education networking in future.

TERENA’s President Pierre Bruyère followed, along with the Chair of Computer Science and Insight Funded Investigator for University College Dublin, Mark Keane, and John Boland, Chief Executive of HEAnet. Barend Mons of the Netherlands Bioinformatics Centre presented the first keynote speech of TNC2014, "FAIR data - science or fiction", in which he called for data stewardship to be incorporated into future research projects.

More than 600 participants are attending this year's TNC, under the theme 'Networking with the world'. Demonstrations, workshops and presentations will take place around the core programme, which comprises more than 130 speakers from institutions, user groups, and industry as well as research and education networking organisations.

All streams are available live and will be made available in archive form almost immediately after each session via the TNC2014 video playlist. Most of the presentation slides and some of the papers can be downloaded by clicking on the relevant session in the online schedule.

Streaming is provided by NORDUnet, who are supported by HEAnet, host of TNC2014, and their subcontracting agency.

Stay up to date with schedule changes

It can happen that some parts of the TNC2014 schedule change. There are three ways to stay up to date with any last-minute alterations in the programme:

  1. Sign in to tnc2014.terena.org using federated identity or social media, select schedule sessions by clicking the star, 'Toggle subscribed sessions' to see selection.
  2. Export sessions / events by clicking 'Save to my Google Calendar' (no login necessary). Event locations are stored as Google Maps links.
  3. In Google Calendar, enter 'tnc2014@terena.org' in 'Other calendars'.


Feedback about the streams is welcome. Please send your comments to Bert van Pinxteren.

For those who find these streams inspiring, we encourage you to come to TNC2015 in Porto, Portugal, between 15-18 June 2015.