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REFEDS looks forward to welcoming participants in Dublin


REFEDS looks forward to its main annual meeting, which will be held in conjunction with the TERENA Networking Conference (TNC2014) in Dublin. More than 75 participants will attend the meeting on 18 May to hear progress updates regarding the current REFEDS work plan and presentations, from a range of community experts involved in access and identity management.

Key developments that will be covered in the REFEDS meeting agenda include the draft Federation Operator Practice (FOP) template. This is part of a suite of documents that started with the production of the joint GÉANT-REFEDS Federation Policy Template.

Federation Operator Practice template

The FOP template has been created in direct response to concerns from the research community that it is not currently easy to find information about the processes undertaken by federations to vet members and implement trust mechanisms. The proposed template will standardise the way in which federations present their operational practices to make this process easier.

One way of looking at the documents is that the policy deals with who can be in a federation and what they can do, whereas the FOP deals with how the federation ensures these rules are kept. In creating this document, REFEDS is directly addressing one of the gaps identified by the FIM4R group of research organisations.

Presenting papers

REFEDS will also be presenting papers that are in the process of being published via the IETF Requests For Comments (RFC) Independent Stream as REFEDS working group outputs. This includes the SAML Entity Category Attribute Types documentation which supports the implementation of Entity Category work such as the Research and Scholarship Entity Category.

Another paper being issued via the RFC Stream is the Metadata Query Protocol, a key piece of work to support interfederation and the process of consuming metadata from various sources. By exposing its work through the RFC process, REFEDS is able to receive feedback from a wide range of user communities and reinforce its position as a standards-setting organisation.

REFEDS work plan

As well as updating the community on its own work by means of the REFEDS work plan, REFEDS will also welcome presenters from other initiatives such as the GÉANT project, with developments on eduGAIN and Attribute Authorities and the Kantara UMA (User-Managed Access) initiative.

Join REFEDS, it's open!

REFEDS is an open forum and anyone with an interest is welcome to join the meeting. To sign up to attend the meeting, or to participate remotely, please register as soon as possible. To find out more about REFEDS and its work see the REFEDS website or contact the REFEDS Coordinators.