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In 2012, the Global Research& Education Network CEOs Forum met in Geneva and identified the explosion of cloud services being delivered to our constituents from peer institutions, community entities, and commercial providers as a growing challenge for the community in the selection, legal agreement, architecture and consumption of those services. To reduce the effort, time and expense of assisting campuses in their shift to cloud services, the Global Research and Education Network Cloud Working Group was chartered to develop approaches that would support local adoption of services that leverage global scale of cost-effective, easy to access, simpler to administer and tailored to the unique needs of a NREN and its users and members. This panel will include executive leaders from five of the eight charter NREN partners working together on this challenge and will review the agreed upon approach, methodology and target services that will be first to move to global scale within the framework and walk through specifics of how these services are being adopted and what other NREN's will need to do to join these global activities.


Wednesday, 5 June from 16:00 to 17:30
D Rome

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