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Do “Many hands make light work” or do “Too many cooks spoil the broth?”

Where is the innovation balance for GÉANT research?

The GÉANT community has long been pioneering networking technology and service innovation. Looking back, has this been best done Collaboratively within the GÉANT project or at National level? And how do the lessons of each approach guide us in how to structure our innovation and discovery going forward?

We have a wealth of networking and middleware technology expertise so where is our innovation output falling down - at the research stage, the development stage or the application stage? Do we have the funds to do the job properly? Are we harnessing the needs and knowledge of our users? What of public-private partnerships or campus collaborations? And does innovation even mean the same thing to each of us?

As the differential with the commercial sector diminishes year on year, we need a solution to keep us at the leading edge. This will be our Panel’s quest - through lively and informed discussion between a worthy selection of panellists from across Europe and beyond, who will share and compare the pros and cons of each approach. They bring a diversity of experience of running research programmes, technology transference, joint and “go it alone” approaches.

Help to create the solution - join us for the discussion.


Wednesday, 5 June from 14:00 to 15:30
A Auditorium 2

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