Identity management for lifelong learners: evolving the organisation-centric AAI to a user-centric e-Identity

The objective of the AAI is, in a nutshell, to simplify inter-­‐organisational access to resources. In the light of lifelong learning, the current organisation-­‐centric setup of the AAI has major drawbacks: Access to an AAI account is limited to episodes in a lifelong learner’s life only – those (possibly multiple) times the learner is affiliated with a university. Conceptually, this could be solved by moving from an organisation­‐centric identity management model towards a user-‐centric model: the learner is equipped with a permanent identity, independent of the affiliations of the learner. The current affiliation is only reflected in the attributes delivered by this identity. With this model in mind, SWITCH started the e-­‐Identity project in 2012, which is at the core of this presentation.



  • Christoph Graf, SWITCH

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