National Data Storage 2: Secure storage cloud with efficient and easy data access

Nowadays, people use clouds for data backup, synchronisation, sharing and storage. However, usage of clouds for such purposes is sometimes challenging. Lack of control on the data and privacy issues are the biggest obstacles to holding valuable personal and business-critical information in the cloud. Encryption and integrity control is one of the most obvious solution to address these concerns, however it costs additional complexity of the system and service usage and may impact data access performance. Our presentation discusses security vs efficiency trade-offs in encrypted large scale storage. It also shows the implementation of secure storage cloud which we believe is the compromise among safety and usability. We also prove that secure data sharing is possible even in large scale and may be easy to use, assuming appropriate interfaces are offered to users. For this purpose we present and possibly demonstrate our POSIX-compliant virtual file-systems for Windows and Linux and a fully-featured Java GUI and Android applications. To make our story complete we present the solution for offering storage service for workgroups, in users’ premises, backed by our secure storage cloud.



  • Maciej Brzeźniak
  • Gracjan Jankowski
  • Michał Jankowski
  • Stanisław Jankowski
  • Tomasz Jankowski
  • Norbert Meyer
  • Rafał Mikołajczak
  • Adam Zawada
  • Sławomir Zdanowski

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