Monstream – New 3D video streaming monitoring system

Various use cases of streaming 2D and 3D ultra high resolution multimedia content impose high requirements for reliable and good quality data transmission over the IP network. Existing solutions do not allow a video stream behavior to be monitored hop-by-hop inside a network. They are also not ready to monitor the relation between two streams (for left and right eye) of a 3D video transmission. Monstream performs both of these tasks.
Monstream is implemented on a Juniper infrastructure as a distributed solution with single management point and widely uses APIs provided by the Juniper. Application calculate metrics such as stream and inter-stream jitters, streams synchronization and frame and packet loss factors.



  • Bartosz Belter
  • Artur Binczewski
  • Szymon Malewski
  • Łukasz Ogrodowczyk
  • Iwo Olszewski

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