Wi-Fi deployments at Dutch education institutes, leading to alternative ways of offering Wi-Fi

This presentation addresses the possibilities, side effects and usefulness of sharing Wi-Fi resources among a number of institutions and discusses the possible roles for NRENs to realize such a situation. Non-technical resources include the sharing of a support centre for troubleshooting. Sharing a centrally located Wi-Fi controller and management solutions are part of the technical possibilities that will be addressed. A prerequisite to realize the goal of sharing Wi-Fi resources, is the disposal of detailed insight in current deployments of Wi-Fi infrastructures at institutes. These insights were gained through interviews and questionnaires. This information was analysed and subsequently mapped on a set of services that allow institutions to share equipment, licenses for Wi-Fi services and solutions for troubleshooting.



  • Frans Panken is technical product manager at the middleware services department of SURFnet. He is involved in various mobile activities, including Wi-Fi, cognitive radio and LTE. Frans joined SURFnet in 2010, after having worked for several years for Bell-Labs, the research department of Alcatel-Lucent.
  • Paul Dekkers works as technical product manager for SURFnet and is involved in the innovation and operation of various services. Paul is involved in both national and international eduroam, and participating in research for ubiquitous mobility. Another field of expertise is scalable and secure infrastructures, infrastructure clouds, and security related services (like SURFmailfilter). Paul is also member of SURFcert.

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