NETCONFish: speaking the network language

Traditional management protocols seem to struggle when it comes to modern networks management. Services on demand and advanced operations require accurate and rapid device configuration. Where SNMP seems inadequate, NETCONF comes to fill the gap. NETCONF responses are device configuration in XML format. What's missing from the picture is the ability of applications to "understand" the configuration elements, ie. interface names, VLANS, firewall filters, etc.

In this paper we will present a software proxy -nxpy- that allows for efficient communication with NETCONF enabled devices. In essence, nxpy translates network devices' XML configuration to programming language, namely Python, objects and vice versa.

What is important is the fact that the community can build network management tools and service provisioning platforms on top of nxpy.

A live example of nxpy usage is GRNET's production network service, Firewall on Demand presented as FireCircle at TNC2012.

nxpy is an open-source project



  • Leonidas Poulopoulos (leopoul-at-noc--dot--grnet_dot_gr)
  • Yannis Mitsos (ymitsos-at-noc--dot--grnet_dot_gr)

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