National cloud-based data repositories as key element for the on-line presence of cultural heritage materials

Our paper will explore the cloud data repository based on NoSQL database and its usage for storing open digital cultural heritage resources. We aim to summarize the first experiences gained from the pilot installation, with a particular attention on the non-functional features like scalability and high-availability. The running deployment for the Polish Digital Libraries Federation, developed as a part of activities in the national research project SYNAT will also be presented. We will describe the data model issues and its compatibility with the representation of various metadata models used to describe digital library resources. We will also sketch the plans for further development of the data repository and its possible usage in two EC-funded projects which will start in early 2013 (EuropeanaCloud and LoCloud).



  • Cezary Mazurek (PSNC)
  • Marcin Mielnicki (PSNC)
  • Damian MierzwiƄski (PSNC)
  • Aleksander Stasiak (PSNC)
  • Marcin Werla (PSNC)
  • Marcin Wolski (PSNC)

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