geant Integration of Network Services Interface version 2 with the JUNOS Space SDK

The paper presents the concept of integrating OGF NSI-CS v2 (Open Grid Forum Network Services Interface Connection Service version 2) with the Juniper JUNOS Space SDK (framework for building application and services managing networks). First, the NSI concept is introduced with the explanation what the features are for network providers and end users. Next, a short description is provided on how JUNOS Space SDK can help managing networks. This paper place emphasis on the most important architectural aspects of NSI v2 application running on JUNOS Space SDK based on the real implementation for PIONIER network. It explains how NSI agents are integrated with JUNOS Space SDK and also what are the current and planned features.



  • Radek Krzywania
  • Michał Balcerkiewicz
  • Bartosz Belter

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