Crowd-Sourcing Wi-Fi Coverage Data to build Self-Mapping Radio Maps

As Wi-Fi usage and mobile computing continues to grow and become a fundamental technology to facilitate connectivity, services and applications have evolved to fulfill the needs of users. One such service that has evolved to simplify Wi-Fi connectivity and roaming is eduroam [1]. While eduroam has become the international standard for Wi-Fi roaming in academia, there still remains the challenge of keeping up to date with the available locations of eduroam coverage. We propose a solution to crowd-source Wi-Fi coverage data using location fingerprinting techniques performed by supplicant configuration tools, but which could also be adopted by the eduroam companion app, other applications or even as part of the RADIUS EAP process itself. We then show how such crowd-sourced location fingerprint data could then be analysed and interpreted using force-directed graphs to produce a self-mapping and self-correcting radio map of Wi-Fi coverage for an institution.



  • Gareth Ayres
  • Jason Jones

Part of session

Born Mobile

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