Intercontinental Bandwidth Methods, 100G Submarine systems for R&E

100Gbps on domestic research networks has become “coin of the realm”. Most NREN’s have deployed 100G, have plans for 100G or are waiting for the right intersection of e-science, big data flows and funding to justify 100G. New variations of tried and true 100G are enabling ultra-long haul submarine extensions to our networks. This presentation describes how this is done and why submarine optical transmission systems are different than terrestrial 100G systems.



  • Rodney G. Wilson (Rod)
  • Senior Director, External Research
  • Ottawa Canada R&D Laboratories
  • Ciena Corporation,
  • Mr. Wilson is responsible for Ciena’s interactions with Universities and the research community, including NRENs. He is a frequent contributor to research projects, demonstrations and discussions about advanced optical telecommunications systems.
  • Prior to his current role, Mr. Wilson was a senior advisor for the CTO at Nortel, and held other advanced technology roles during 13 years with the company, including director of Broadband Switching, and optical Ethernet development.
  • Originally trained in Electrical Engineering at Ryerson University in Toronto Ontario, and University of Toronto, and is a graduate of the Executive Management school at Stanford University in Palo Alto California

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