08 - NG transport solution for National Research and Education Networks

Yitzhak Aizner, Jimmy Mizrahi (ECI Telecom Ltd.)

National Research and Education Network (NREN) connecting universities, research institutions and corporations across countries and copes with massive quantities of data transfer on its telecom networks. Research and Education Networks should upgrade their optical infrastructure to support 40G and 100G services, to face with ever growing demand for bandwidth.

ECI’s Apollo OPT9600 series comprises an accomplished set of platforms providing cost-optimized functionality and a complete solution for NREN. With superior 10G, 40G and 100G support, ranging from metro access, metro-edge, and metro-core to regional/long-haul, Apollo brings an advanced DWDM platform with 88 lambdas per fiber, colorless/directionless/ contentionless based ROADM and ODU cross-connect, all sharing the same flexible cage.

Furthermore, ECI Telecom has a proven experience in upgrading NREN legacy infrastructure to its new modern Apollo systems without any interruption or disruption of connectivity between the universities, research institutes and information centers during the upgrade process.

Apollo-powered network allows NREN to establish many simultaneous connections between the core sites and creating an almost infinite supply of bandwidth, while significantly reducing the time needed to provision new services.

NREN gains the following benefits by deploying ECI’s Apollo:

1. True optical agility: Apollo brings 10G, 40G and 100G wavelength-to-any-node connectivity in ring or mesh topology. Colorless/directionless/contentionless features mean more flexibility to NREN in configuring the network, particularly as the nature and mix of traffic is increasingly hard to predict. Also, using ODU cross-connects in all core sites provides further flexibility, with any-to-any connectivity at the service level.
2. Simplified operations: By integrating both DWDM and ODU cross-connect on a single cage, Apollo allows NREN to manage the network end-to-end, without having to manually connect between service cards during operation.
3. Reduced footprint: with Apollo’s highly flexible any-card-in-any-slot feature, NREN can incorporate cards with different functionalities on the same cage, eliminating the need for additional dedicated shelves and reducing floor space, power, air conditioning and management complexity.
4. Superior Fiber Utilization: By supporting 88 channels per fiber, as opposed to most competing platforms at 80, Apollo increases utilization of fiber by 10%, optimizing the network for full capacity.
5. High scalability and simplified network management: With ECI LightSoft® Management System, NREN can plan and operate the network more flexibly, providing better quality of services for their customers. LightSoft® is an advanced management solution, including end-to-end performance management across the network, which dramatically simplifies network operation and troubleshooting.

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