10 - Tools for Ethernet OAM Monitoring -- easy-to-use monitoring of multi-domain Ethernet lightpaths

Erik Ruiter, Freek Dijkstra (SURFsara), Piotr Zureniewski, Borgert van der Kuit, Jacco van de Sluis (TNO)

Most networks monitor their network on both layer 1 (port status information) and layer 3 (IP connectivity). The Ethernet OAM standard gives ability to monitor layer 2 (Ethernet) connections as well, including multi-domain layer 2 lightpaths which in common use in the NREN community.
We present three off-the-shelf tools that network engineers can use today to monitor their networks on layer 2, including Ethernet ligthpaths.
They are:
* A script developed by SURFsara for monitoring connectivity information in Nagios or Icinga, based on the Ethernet OAM continuity check message (CCM)
* A script developed by SURFsara for monitoring link delay information in Cacti, based on the Ethernet OAM delay measurement message and response (DMM/DMR)
* The CyPortal tool developed by Cyan, and tested in an international GN3 testbed.

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