GÉANT Associated Speakers

GN3 is co-funded by the European National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) and the European Union (EU) through the European Commission’s Seventh Research and Development Framework Programme, The GN3 project started in April of 2009, following on from the GN2 project.

Known simply as GÉANT, GN3 is the third term of the successful GÉANT network and project that lie at the heart of the EU’s e-Infrastructure strategy. The project will shape the Internet of the future through the pan-European GÉANT network and a portfolio of advanced services for the research and education community. GÉANT also tackles the digital divide of research and education networking across Europe and fosters technological research to assure Europe’s role at the forefront of networking and e-Science.
In addition to the GÉANT backbone network service, the GÉANT project encompasses a number of Service, Joint Research Activities and Networking Activities. As part of the Networking Activity on "Joint Dissemination and Outreach", a GÉANT workshop event is attached to the annual TERENA conferences, and GÉANT presentations included in the appropriate topic-oriented parallel sessions throughout the conference programme.

TNC2013 programme will this year feature 5 speakers presenting and 2 GÉANT-related panel session. They will cover a wide range of subjects covering the project’s technology, service developments and other initiatives.

geant logo GN3 Workshop presentations in the conference programme

geant logo GN3 related panel sessions in the conference programme