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JANET (United Kingdom)

Bob Day

Bob Day is Chief Technology Officer and an executive director of JANET(UK), the provider of JANET - the UK's education and research network. His role is to ensure that the JANET network and its associated services remain fit for purpose as the education and research communities' demands continue to evolve.

Bob has been responsible for many of the architectural and policy developments within JANET. Particular interests continue to include the development of acceptable use, connection and charging policies, and other regulatory matters, the expansion of the JANET community from its roots in higher education to the whole of the education sector across the UK, interworking with other public sector networks (particularly with regional and national networks in education, health and local government), and in widening the set of services that JANET can provide to those it serves.

Bob was educated as a chemist and carried out postgraduate and postdoctoral research in a number of areas of physical chemisty. It was during this work that his interest in the application of distributed computing to scientific research was first engaged, and led him to a career in the development of education and research networking.

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