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Steve Wolff

Stephen Wolff is Interim Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Internet2. He is a member of AAAS, a Life Member of IEEE, and a Pioneer Member of the Internet Society from which he received the Postel Award in 2002. Prior to joining Internet2 he worked at Cisco Systems in the Cisco Research Center, and as a Consulting Engineer on cyberinfrastructure in the Office of the CTO. Before joining Cisco in 1995, he was Division Director for Networking at the US National Science Foundation (NSF) where he was responsible for basic research in networking and communications, and for the development of NSFNET - the first open computer network in the US for the support of research and higher education. Earlier positions include managing a HPC group at the US Army Ballistic Research Laboratory, and 10 years teaching statistical communication theory at The Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Wolff was educated at Swarthmore College, Princeton University, and Imperial College.

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