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PSNC (Poland)

Bartlomiej Idzikowski

Bartlomiej Idzikowski graduated from the Poznan University of Technology in 2003 (Computing Science - Computer Networks and Distributed Systems). His research interests focus on videoconferencing, high resolution video systems, web-based applications, streaming technologies, network management and traffic monitoring.
While working for PSNC, he was involved in networking and multimedia projects, e.g. 6NET, GN2, GN3, Phosphorus or Visionair. Bartlomiej has been also involved in many national projects (e.g. Platon).
Bartlomiej is member of 4K team in PSNC, which has created first 4K node in Poland. His other fields of interests are streaming protocols (RTP, RTSP), streaming servers, database management and administration, software engineering, web services, unix-like systems and XML technologies.

Bartlomiej Idzikowski is chairing the following sessions: