Your storage cloud
Will work for attributes!
Wednesday plenary
Update from the standards bodies
Tuesday plenary
Think different
The optical last mile
Teaching and learning online with multimedia
Security management
SDN and OpenFlow applications
Routing Resilience: understanding vulnerabilities and opportunities
Pushing the network envelope
Panel discussion: how can industry help NRENs in managing the change?
OpenSpace II D
OpenSpace II C (Location: PRESSROOM)
OpenSpace II B (Location: ATHENS)
OpenSpace II A
OpenSpace D
OpenSpace C (Location: PRESSROOM)
OpenSpace B (Location: ATHENS)
Openspace A
Network management: Standards and Tools
Network management: Platforms and Applications
Network access innovation
NET+ Global cloud and above the network services: the challenges and the benefits
Monday plenary
Making the future happen
Lightning talks
Its an NREN world
Innovation in the Balance - A G√ČANT panel on how best to innovate
Federation by design
Federating Together: R&E and eGov
Enabling visual applications
Data Here, Data There, Data Everywhere
Collaboration is everything
Closing plenary
Challenging long distance 100G
Born Mobile
Big Data, Big Deal
Beyond basic authentication
A decade of collaborative R&E networking around the globe