OpenFlow-based Multipath in Wide Area Networks

Multipath Networks are increasingly popular in the data center environment, with two standards-track approaches available for deployment: IETF TRILL and IEEE Shortest Path Bridging (802.1aq). The advantages are clear: increased performance through more efficient use of installed bandwidth, and increased robustness through the simultaneous use of potentially diverse paths between the hosts. Multiple paths can also be used in the Wide Area Networks, but the approaches available today, such as Equal Cost Multipath (ECMP) or BGP Multi-Exit Discriminators (MEDs) lack the flexibility and in particular scalability, resulting in complex and hard to maintain configurations. We have investigated how Multipath load balancing based on an OpenFlow implementation can be used to provide flexible, scalable and robust connectivity in wide area networks.



  • Artur Barczyk
  • Michael Bredel
  • Harvey Newman
  • Ronald van der Pol

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