Complex federated slices provisioning through SFA: the FEDERICA and NOVI joint experience

Automatic provisioning of virtual or physical resources is common to many modern testbeds infrastructures in which users have the capability to create and manipulate infrastructures. Federating the facilities to allow the exchange of services is the next natural step and it is a challenge. The EU project NOVI is building algorithms, methods and services for control and management of federated virtualized infrastructures, namely FEDERICA and PlanetLab testbeds. The project adopted the Slice based Federation Architecture (SFA) as inter-facility protocol. In the particular study, FEDERICA- specific extensions that render FEDERICA as an SFA enabled testbed are described.



  • Simon Vocella (Consortium GARR)
  • Álvaro Monje(Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)
  • Celia Velayos (i2CAT Foundation)
  • Fabio Farina (Consortium GARR)
  • Chrysa Papagianni (National Technical University of Athens)
  • Mauro Campanella(Consortium GARR)
  • Vassilis Maglaris (National Technical University of Athens)

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