To be Continued… Completing the Lifecycle of Innovation

In this presentation we will reflect on an NREN 3.0’s viewpoint by reviewing the uptake of the open source software MediaMosa, which has been brought to the public domain by setting up an independent foundation to secure its governance, code development and community. The end game is that in this way a precondition is set for a sustainable future and thus completing the lifecycle of innovation.

NREN innovation projects are funded to do research, develop proofs of concept and to produce deliverables that unfortunately often are stored in deep drawers. Even when the project aims and objectives are to produce open source software, little is done to ensure that this software will be sustainable beyond the validity of the project. Usually no further development is undertaken to produce production ready software and the open source code is just stored in online repositories like SourceForge, collecting dust.

Placing the resultant software in the public domain without taking in account the necessity to facilitate the uptake and further development of the software by the community has proven to be a poor method to develop and stimulate a cohesive, comprehensive and active community. Therefore a more intentional strategic approach is needed to succeed.



  • Frans Ward - SURFnet
  • Alexander Blanc - SURFnet

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