The Costs of 10-Gb/s and 100-Gb/s Coexistence

Abstract: This paper analyzes the costs which result from coexistence requirements for combined 10-Gb/s, IM/DD (Intensity-Modulated Directly Detected) and coherent 100-Gb/s wavelength-domain multiplexed transport. Costs can relate to systems capital expenditures, reduced system capacity, reduced system flexibility, or reduced system reach. It is shown that these costs can be minimized but not be fully avoided. It is concluded that the specific network requirements should be carefully chosen. Keywords: Alien wavelengths, dispersion compensation, IM/DD, coherent intradyne detection



  • Klaus Grobe, ADVA DE
  • Steven Searcy, ADVA US
  • Sorin Tibuleac, ADVA US

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