06 - SDN Experiment over integrated and managed network of wire-and-wireless in Tohoku Area (disaster-stricken area)

Shuji Yamaguchi, Eiji Kawai, Shuji Ishii, Kazuhiko Nakamura, Toshiharu Sugai, Tomoaki Takata (NICT), Yoshikazu Watanabe, Tomoyoshi Sugawara (NEC Corporation), Shinji Shimojo (NICT / Osaka University)

NICT, NEC and Goverment of Tohno City are now jointly working on "Robust Network in Emergency Situation" with following features:
- Multiplex circuit utilizing multiple access network
- Rapid and flexible network construction with remote control
using SDN/Openflow controller
- Priority control of contents considering network situation

Upon recent disaster, the Great East Japan Earthquake, number of wired network disconnection happend and it prevented the area from necessary information.

One of the lessons of the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 11th 2011 is importance of connectivity. Many networks in the region hit by the severe disaster had been disconnected just after the crisis happend. People in the area required information urgently, but couldn't have enough because of the situation at that time. While being severely damaged, the importance of information and communication systems as social infrastructure has been strongly recognized.

Under situation of limited network method/bandwidth, speedy rerouting to the existing wired-and-wireless network and network control based on priority is needed.

From the research experience, NICT aimed to utilize its accumulated network knowledge and developed new technology including SDN for anti-disaster networks, in addition to advancing SDN research project by itself. NICT, NEC and Goverment of Tohno City implemented a trial field of network in Tohno area, utilizing not only wired network but also wireless networks, to fully utilize all survived network efficiently, controlled by SDN technology.

Key features of the network with SDN/OpenFlow are:
- Integrate multiple hetero networks(Optical fiber, 3G, PHS, Wi-Fi,..) as a virtualized network.
- Upon multiple disconnection on the network happened, re-route the traffic to the survived circuit using OpenFlow.
- Flow priority control for smooth access to the necessary information.
- Operated by integrated GUI with each flow monitoring.

Future Work:
- Utilizing more diversed network method (e.g. white spaces)
- Experimetal proof by operating in disaster drill with local government

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