24 - STUDENT - Resource Information Service

Chariklis Pittaras, Jeroen van der Ham, Paola Grosso, Cees de Laat (University of Amsterdam)

The Resource Information Service (RIS) provides a complete distributed semantic backend for storing, querying, manipulating and discovering resources for cloud providers that take part in a federation. The RIS service supports the VNE (Virtual Network Embedding) problem in the federation, providing all the necessary information, and performing all the discovery
tasks in the federation (finding available resources, providing overview utilization values).
Furthermore, it supports the communication with the provider, for retrieving information and sending request. Also it supports the communication with the monitoring service for retrieving resource availability. We have successfully implemented the RIS service to support the NOVI project, which federates Future Internet Platforms such as PlanetLab and FEDERICA, and are working on interfacing with ExoGENI.
Future challenges include providing the right caching for monitoring values so that results can be returned timely, and accurately. We are also integrating this solution with larger workflow frameworks to automatically solve questions such as "Find a movie containing X and transcode it to show on this tiled display"

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