23 - STUDENT - Enhancing Wireless Data Transmission with Packet Loss Classification

Fukumasa Morifuji, Kei Hiraki (The University of Tokyo)

Recently, packet-loss based congestion control mechanism sometimes does not work efficiently because it over-reduces the data transmission rate. Especially, while using wireless network, packet losses often occurs without any network congestion on the network path. Sometimes they are caused by wireless channel interference and physical obstacles of signals such as walls and metal objects.
The main problem of the current loss-based TCP is that it cannot distinguish the cause of packet losses, whether it is caused by congestion or not.
To tackle with this problem, we propose a packet loss classification method with small overhead using round-trip delay time just before the packet loss occurs.
In a simulation-based experiment, our algorithm achieved high classification accuracy, and TCP Reno with our classification algorithm achieved about 1.5 times as high throughput as TCP Reno does.

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