14 - Quality of Service in Carrier Ethernet and its monitoring using Operations Administration and Maintenance functionality.

Piotr Zuraniewski (TNO), Freek Dijkstra (SURFsara), Richa Malhotra (SURFnet), Michel Mandjes (UvA)

In the past years we have witnessed a rapid evolution of Ethernet from a Local Area Network technology towards "Carrier Grade Ethernet". Some key components which enabled reaching this point were functionalities such as Quality of Service (QoS) and Operations Administration and maintenance (OAM), now present in Ethernet. We will show how QoS mechanisms help network operator in offering advanced services via a single physical connection (Multi Service Port model) by introducing multiple classes of service, each with its own performance parameters. We will also discuss some opportunities and issues related to monitoring a performance of these services natively at Layer 2 using Ethernet OAM functionality in a multi-vendor, multi-domain network.

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