Bof: A Shared Environmental Sustainability Policy for NRENs Save to my Google calendar

03/06/2013 09:00-12:30
C Brussels
In 2012 during the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (or RIO+20), the higher education sector wrote a declaration to show their commitment to sustainable practices. Why did they do this? They feel a responsibility in the international pursuit of sustainable development: “Since Higher Education Institutions educate and train decision makers, they play a key role in building more sustainable societies and creating new paradigms. As educational institutions, they have the mission to promote development through both research and teaching, disseminating new knowledge and insight to their students and building their capabilities.”

NRENs generally feel that they are part of the higher education sector. We want to help improve the quality of education in research with the use of (innovative) ICT. As the gravity of the need to move to sustainable living (people, planet, profit) sets in the minds of more and more people, it is time to consider how NRENs could contribute to a move towards a sustainable society. In what way can NRENs support the declaration of the higher education sector?

In this BoF participants will discuss the role of NRENs in the international pursuit of sustainable development. Topics include:
- what NRENs can do in relation to sustainability issues
- how NRENs could work together on this topic
- possibilities of creating an NREN declaration or a shared sustainability policy

If successful the material and ideas collected in this BoF will be used in the GN3+ programme; for example to create - jointly with the NREN community - a shared sustainability policy for NRENs.




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