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03/06/2013 09:00-12:30
B Paris
At the TERENA Networking Conference 2012 in Reykjavik a first BoF session was organised on the subject of cooperation and connection of the health sector to the NRENs. The health sector is the part of the research sector which is least served by the NREN in most countries. Another way to interpret this, is to regard the health sector as the biggest and most obvious growth potential for the NRENs and most NRENs actually have an ambition to do more for the health sector.

In this BoF session the challenges faced when addressing the health sector will be discussed, and what could be done to deal with these challenges in order to get the health sector connected and get these institutions to use the services offered by the NREN on top of the network.

Following these challenges the next step within TERENA will be examined with the participants. Can NRENs work on this on an European level together with e-Health associations? Is there a basis to form a TERENA Task Force and/or create an activity under GN3+? Can we start with writing a white paper on the subject?




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