Demonstration: Big data transfers with multipathing, OpenFlow and MPTCP (Monday) Save to my Google calendar

03/06/2013 15:30-16:00
SURFnet booth
In this demonstration we show how multipathing, OpenFlow and Multipath TCP (MPTCP) can help in large file transfers between data centres. We have built an intercontinental multipathed OpenFlow testbed spanning CERN, NetherLight, StarLight and Maastricht. We believe that multipathing will become an important network concept in the next few years. One of the major reasons is that data sets in e-science are increasing exponentially in size. To transfer these huge data sets we need to make efficient use of all available network capacity. This means using multiple paths simultaneously wherever possible. To get experience with this concept we have set up a
testbed in which we wil transfer data between servers at Maastricht, CERN and StarLight. The testbed consists of OpenFlow switches and multiple link disjoint paths between the servers. An OpenFlow application provisions multiple paths between the servers and MPTCP will be used on the servers to simultaneously send traffic across all those paths.




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