Bof: Towards a global exchange point for R&E PR activities: the global PR network initiative Save to my Google calendar

04/06/2013 18:00-19:30
D Rome
R&E networks and organisations are increasingly working in a global environment with user communities distributed across the globe. It is therefore important to develop a global view regarding our marketing, communications and public relations (PR) activities. Initiated at the TNC2012 in Reykjavik, the Global PR Network initiative has begun offering PR professionals in the R&E networking community the opportunity to come together, share experiences, ideas and materials, and find common ground. This BoF explores how a learning cooperation among peers across the world could help meet the key challenge we all face: making the case for R&E networking.
But could we do more? How about working together to kick-start the development of new regional PR networks alongside those already established in Europe (TF-CPR) and Latin America? And how about increasing global synergies by then acting as an inter-regional exchange point?
Could we make this work?
What would be the implications for PR staff resources, their managers and organisations?

The discussion will be initiated by views from a panel of representatives of R&E networks and organisations across the world:

. Francis Lee (representing TEIN*CC and the TEIN network in Asia-Pacific)
. Askar Kutanov (representing CAREN in Central Asia)
. Tiwonge Msulira Banda (representing AfricaConnect and the UbuntuNet Alliance)
. Ann Doyle (representing Internet2)
. Representative (TBC) of the TERENA Task Force Communications & Public Relations (TF-CPR), the European NRENs' PR network
. Melanie Pankhurst (DANTE, representing GÉANT)

Anyone is welcome to attend, especially NREN managers and PR-communications / marketing colleagues.




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