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05/06/2013 20:00-22:30
Chateau St Gerlach

Conference participants and registered accompanying guests are welcome and tickets for additional guests (upon availability) will be on sale at the conference registration desk. This event will take place in picturesque Chateau Gerlach. Transportation will be arranged to and from the location.

Buses will pick up the guests from 19:15 until 19:45 at MECC.

At the end of the evening, the buses will wait at the Chateau Gerlach and start departing at 22:30. Last bus will leave at 23:00. Return busses will stop at the Maastricht Central station.

At this event, in addition to the photography and filming by TERENA covered by its policy for speakers and participants (https://www.terena.org/events/permissions.html), the company providing entertainment at the Gala evening will also be videoing the event for use on its own website. Anyone who objects to being shown in such a recording should contact TERENA.




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