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03/06/2013 20:00-21:30
MECC trajectum
All participants and registered accompanying guests are welcome to attend the conference’s official opening event where local specialties and drinks will be served throughout the evening.

"Innovating together" is not just the motto of TNC2013, but also the idea which inspired the Jazz Concert which will be performed during the Conference Opening Reception. The recipe is simple: bring together art, technology, entertainment and innovation; let them interact; mix ideas; discard old prejudices about music education and video technology. The result is LOLA (LOw LAtency audio/visual system) which enables musicians and performing artists to interact in a natural way even if they are located thousands of kilometers from each other. This is made possible by exploiting the high quality and very large bandwidth connectivity offered by research and education networks, which allows to virtually obliterate network-related delay and jitter.

Based in Edinburgh Napier University of Music (UK), Stevan Waterman - composer, teacher and trumpet soloist – will perform with Uli Weber (guitar), Sander Baan (sax), Bouke Hofma (drums) and Jelmer de Haan (bass guitar), who will be on stage in Auditorium 2 at the MECC.

Uli and Bouke are from ArtEZ School of Music Conservatorium (Arnhem, NL) and Sander and Jelmer from Prince Claus Conservatorium (Groningen, NL).

This unique performance is brought to you thanks to an international collaboration of artists and technicians. This also involves the Music Conservatory G. Tartini in Trieste and GARR, the Italian research and education networking organisation, who worked together to develop LOLA, as well as Janet, the British NREN.

Enjoy the show!
For more information about LOLA, see http://www.conts.it/artistica/lola-project or come and visit the TERENA booth on Monday and Wednesday between 13:15-14:00.




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