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Cisco Symposium “The Internet of everything”
04/06/2013 18:00-21:30
B Paris
The symposium is taking place in conjunction with the TERENA Network Conference 2013. This event will follow the official program on Tuesday at the same venue with a workshop of three hours and a dinner.

The Internet of Everything requires a distributed networking, computing and storage platform that connects people, process, data and things in ways that were not possible before. The explosion of new connections joining the Internet of Everything is driven by the development of IP-enabled devices, the increase in global broadband availability and the advent of IPv6. The network plays a critical role in the Internet of Everything - it must provide an intelligent, manageable, secure infrastructure that can scale to support billions of context-aware devices. This workshop will discuss how this development affects the NRENs in their current operation and business models. Hear from experts on the Cisco vision and share experience from experts in your community.

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